Choosing The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you love has been charged with a criminal offense, you’ll want the best criminal defense attorney in the region on your team. Your choice of criminal defense attorney might be one of the most important decisions of your life, so we’ve put together a few tips you can use to help choose the right attorney for your criminal case. Let’s get started with:

Tip #1: Experience Is Key

We cannot overstate this – a criminal attorney’s experience means everything inside and outside the courtroom. Their past experience with cases like yours, with the officers of the court, with the rhythm and flow of a courtroom – these all speak to their ability to help you out of your difficult position. One of the very first questions you ask a criminal defense attorney is, “how many years’ experience do you have?” It’s the best starting point during your initial consultation.

Tip #2: Check Reviews & Testimonials

Today, with the internet available to everyone, you can find reviews and testimonials speaking to the representation offered by the attorney you’re thinking of hiring. Just check their website and their business listings for what others have to say about them before you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Believe us, if an attorney failed a client there will be a lengthy review of the interaction for you to find and read for yourself.

Tip #3 Lawyer vs. Legal Team

There are a great many good lawyers out there practicing individually and doing the best they can for their clients. However, in a criminal case you’re going to want a legal team on your side – not just an individual. The prosecutor has a team dedicated to seeing you convicted. Shouldn’t you have the same firepower on your side to ensure you get fair and equitable treatment? Yes, you should. Choose a firm to represent you and you’ll often get better, more comprehensive representation.

Tip #4: Pick A Strong Communicator

Your criminal case is going to be tough and take a toll on your nerves. It’s a fact. But, choosing the right attorney means you’ll have an experienced team on your side that can help to alleviate the strain through regular communication about your case. You’ll thank us for this advice later, we guarantee it. Not being able to reach your legal team when you’re panicked can be the difference between sleeping at night and not, between staying positive and falling into worry. Be certain any law firm you choose understands the vital nature of communication and gives you the ability to reach out when you need to.

Tip #5: Get Everything In Writing

With something as important as a criminal case against you, you’re going to want to get everything in writing from your legal team or attorney. This includes the fees involved and any payment schedule agreed upon. This is extremely important so that you avoid any disagreements or overcharges for services rendered after the fact. And, remember, the most expensive law firms are not always the best!

We hope these tips will assist you in making one of the most important decisions of your life. After all, your very freedom may be in jeopardy and you’ll want the best and brightest on your side to ensure you’re defense is successful. In Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC that’s James A. DeVita & Associates. Call (703) 351-5015 today for your personal, confidential legal consultation.